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Kyoto and Nara in a Day

One day (11 hours)

EUR 150,-


Get to know the best of two of Japan's most historic cities; Kyoto and Nara.

This package offers guests the chance to visit landmarks like Nijo Castle, Kinkaku-ji Temple, The Kyoto Imperial Palace, and tour scenic sightseeing spots like Todai-ji temple and Kasuga Taisha shrine in Nara. A highlight is exploring Nara Park, where you can walk around the picturesque park while also meeting the free-roaming cheeky deers. All this is with the accompaniment of an English-speaking guide for a stress-free experience. 



Our tour starts at Avanti's Sunrise Tours Desk/ Miyako Hotel Kyoto Hachijo. Please arrive 10 minutes before departure. After meeting your guide, you'll depart as a group by bus to our first sight-seeing location.

Sit back and enjoy the scenic bus ride as Kyoto's suburbs zip by while our guide runs you through the day's program and the ins and outs of Kyoto and Nara.

The tour kicks off with two UNESCO World Heritage sites. The first location is Nijo Castle, which, artfully crafted from cypress wood, was home to some of the area's most iconic shoguns (political leaders).

 Next up is Kinkaku-ji Temple, better known as the 'Golden Pavilion,' as it's covered with thin layers of real gold leaf. The spectacular pavilion looks as if it is floating above the surrounding pond.

The tour will also visit the former Imperial Palace. However, we will visit the Nishi Honganji Temple instead on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

Enjoy a Japanese/Western-style buffet for lunch in a local restaurant.

After lunch, we leave for Nara Park, where we visit Todai-ji, an architectural wonder and once a holder of the title for the world's largest wooden construction. Todai-ji is also home to an impressive 15m tall bronze Buddha. From there, the tour visits the vermillion Kasuga Taisha Shrine, one of the tour's other UNESCO World Heritage sites. 

Strolling through Nara Park, you will be able to meet the crowds of deer that love to welcome and follow guests and love eating treats. Finally, before returning to Kyoto, the tour stops off at some of the city's best souvenir shops, so you're sure to find the perfect memento.

The tour finishes at Avanti's Sunrise Tours Desk/ Miyako Hotel Kyoto Hachijo.

What is included

What is included

- English-speaking government-licenced interpreter
- Admission fees  
- Transportation
- Lunch 

What is not included

- When visiting the Kasuga Taisha Shrine entrance to areas requiring admission is not included. 

Please note, this is just an example of a tailor-made tour. The services described as included and not included will differ based on your requirements. At Japanspecialist we are happy to accommodate all your requests when creating your personalised tour.

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