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Japan Travel Updates

Last update 9th of March 2023

Everything You Need to Know About Travelling to Japan as a Tourist From the 11th of October 2022.

Can I travel to Japan now?

Yes, on the 11th of October 2022, Japan was fully opened, welcoming tourists from low-risk "blue" countries who can travel to the country without requiring a visa in advance. The current list of "blue" countries can be seen here. Currently, all the countries we serve (UK, Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands, Hungary and Denmark) will be able to enter Japan without restrictions. Our expert team will be happy to advise further, book a consultation and start preparing your trip today.

What is required to travel to Japan now?

  • Before arrival, you must have been in a country categorised as "blue" for at least 14 days prior. The current list of "blue" countries can be seen here.
  • Although being vaccinated against Covid-19 is not a requirement to enter Japan. If you have had three doses of the vaccine you will not be required to provide a negative Covid-19 PCR test taken within 72hr before departure. For more information regarding vaccination certificates click here.
  • To ensure a smooth arrival in Japan, we recommend downloading the mobile app MySOS. You can upload all relevant documents within the app, such as your negative Covid-19 PCR test results or your vaccination certificate. More detailed information can be found here.
  • Travel insurance that covers covid-related medical expenses is necessary. This should be arranged before travelling to Japan.
  • For more information regarding travel requirements, you can visit the official Japan Tourism website here.

Do I need a Covid-19 vaccine to travel to Japan?

Being vaccinated against Covid-19 is not a requirement to enter Japan. If you have had three doses of the vaccine you will not be required to provide a negative Covid-19 PCR test taken within 72hr before departure. Your three vaccine doses do not need to be manufactured by the same company, a combination of various vaccines is allowed.

The Japanese government recognises the following vaccines:

  • COMIRNATY (Pfizer)
  • Vaxzevria(AstraZeneca)
  • Spikevax (Moderna)
  • JCOVDEN (Janssen)
  • COVAXIN (Bharat Biotech) 
  • Nuvaxovid (Novavax)

There are some exceptions to the combination rule. If the first dose is JCOVDEN (Janssen), it is considered equivalent to two doses. In case the first dose is not JCOVDEN (Janssen), but just the second one, you are required to have had three individual doses. 

Do I need a Covid-19 PCR test before departure?

Triple-vaccinated visitors are not required to provide a negative Covid-19 PCR test before departure. If you are not triple-vaccinated, you will need to provide a negative Covid-19 PCR test taken no more than 72 hours before departure.

What do I have to do once I arrive in Japan?​​​

The Japan Tourism Agency has prepared a series of travel etiquette recommendations for all tourists visiting Japan. These are summarised below.

General Advice

  • Choose shops or accommodation options which have implemented health and hygiene measures.
  • Practice responsible health and hygiene behaviours such as wearing a mask where possible and washing or sanitising your hands where possible, even if you are vaccinated against Covid-19.
  • Be aware of your physical health and well-being during your trip and visit a doctor if you begin to feel unwell.
  • Maintain acceptable social distancing where possible.

Accommodation and Socialising

  • When checking into your accommodation, take time to check your body temperature and sanitise your hands.
  • When using public spas or onsen, refrain from talking where possible.
  • Even when drinking alcohol, always follow measures to reduce the spread of Covid-19.
  • Keep the time you spend in communal dining areas to a minimum.


  • Always wear a mask when using public transport or taxis.
  • Keep the transport ventilated as much as possible to allow fresh air to pass through amongst the passengers.
  • Where possible, travel during off-peak hours to avoid busy transportation.
  • Avoid talking where possible whilst on public transport.

Sightseeing and shopping

  • Where possible, visit places and travel to them during off-peak hours to avoid overly crowded places.
  • When in public keep your voice down.
  • Maintain social distancing even in outside areas.​​​​​​
  • Always sanitise your hands before, and after, handling items in public such as souvenirs or items in supermarkets.

Do I need to wear a mask in Japan?

The short answer is yes – however, it is more of a recommendation than the law. You can see mask-use recommendations here. We advise always wearing a mask when travelling to and around Japan. Japanese people have always worn masks in the past however due to the Covid-19 situation they are even more reluctant to remove them. Wearing a mask in public has now become a form of being polite towards others.

Can I travel anywhere in Japan?

Yes – you can. There are no restrictions.

Can I take public transport in Japan?

Yes – you can, however, a mask is required.

What If I get Covid while I am in Japan?

Please get in touch with us or the tour leader accompanying you and we will assist you every step of the way.