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Japan is a nation overflowing with unique and unforgettable experiences for all types of travellers. Whether it's history and culture, incredible cuisine, or fascinating, futuristic pop culture attractions, the perfect adventure awaits. The Japanspecialist team are your go-to experts on all things travel in Japan, with short escapes, group tours and tailored options ready to suit your travelling style. We can offer you plenty of travel insight and inspiration, help navigate pre-holiday planning, and offer local insider knowledge.

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What style of tour are you interested in?

No matter your passions, Japan has something for all travellers, family-friendly options, nature, culture, food and incredible adventures. Let your interests guide your exploration through Japan. We have a variety of pre-created tours available and tailed options but can mix and match and customise our packages and services to offer you the perfect balance of styles in a single tour.

First time visiting Japan?

The best place to begin is with the country's most iconic experiences and destinations. Planning your first adventure in Japan can get overwhelming, with language barriers and cultural differences, so let us do the hard work! From the skyscrapers of Tokyo and the temples of Kyoto to the pristine beaches of Okinawa, these options will give you an excellent overview of just what Japan has to offer.

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Get inspired by Japan’s wonderful diversity

While the nation may be best known for its traditional tea houses and concrete jungles, head a little further off the beaten track, and you'll discover Japan is a country full of incredible destinations and landscapes. From the snow-covered mountains of northern Japan to the pristine white sand beaches of the southern islands, you'll be surprised and inspired by just how much there is to see in this wonderfully diverse country.

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