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Niseko in Summer

A perfect resort for the active nature lover

About Niseko
Niseko on the island of Hokkaido is Japan's most famous winter sports resort. In summer the area is green and lush, inviting you to partake in all kinds of activities in nature. At the same time, the accommodation is top notch, as the ski hotels offer excellent facilities at reasonable prices. As the area is used to many tourists especially by Australians, there is generally good signage and communication in English.

Summer, sun and sports - outdoor activities for the whole family
The climate in Hokkaido is warm, but not as hot as the rest of Japan – perfect for enjoying a lot of activities outdoors. Cycling is an obvious choice, and the whole family can join. There are a multitude of well-designed roads and paths with beautiful views of flower fields and mountains. If you have the courage for a slightly larger project, a bike ride around Mount Yotei is perfect. The beautiful mountain is actually an inert volcano and is also called "Hokkaido's Mount Fuji", as it has the same iconic form. The bike ride around the mountain is 43 km long, but not hard. Along the way, you drive through several small towns. The more courageous can climb the 1,898 meter high mountain. There are four routes up the mountain, some harder than others. It is an all-day project, but with the right equipment and in reasonably good shape, it can easily be done. The area also has hiking trails, mountain biking, golf, rafting, ziplining, kayaking and kid-friendly activity parks.

Other attractions in Niseko
Do not miss the experience of bathing in hot volcanic springs ("onsen") while you are here and be sure to enjoy the good food Hokkaido is famous for: freshly caught fish, local vegetables and grilled lamb. Approx. 45 minutes drive to the south lies beautiful Lake Toya. It became very well known when it formed the picturesque setting of the G8 meeting in 2008. At the lake there are many opportunities for camping, fishing and hiking.


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