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The city that rose up to become a symbol of peace.

About Hiroshima
Hiroshima is located on the southern part of Japan's main island Honshu - only two hours from Kyoto on the bullet train. Most people know the city from the atomic bombing on the 6th August 1945, which wrought unfathomable destruction and tragedy. However, today’s Hiroshima is a green city with a cheery population of over 1 million.

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park - a moving centre for quiet reflection 
Hiroshima is a good city to see on foot. It also has a well-developed tram system that makes it easy to get around. In the middle of the city is the Peace Memorial Park which is where the bomb detonated and flattened almost everything within a radius of almost 2 km. Only one ruin was left standing, what is now known as the UNESCO-protected A-Bomb Dome. In the southern part of the park is the Peace Memorial Museum, which chronicles the bombing in a way that is somehow both sober and harrowing. The museum was completely renovated in 2019 and has good descriptions in English, as well as audio guides in many languages. It should be noted that the museum contains very graphic depictions of the horrors of the bombing. On the whole, the park as well as the museum are intense experiences, and we recommended giving yourself plenty of time to digest both. A good way to finish off on a lighter note could be visiting the stylish observation deck Orizuru Tower, located by the park. We also recommend a walk down the lively pedestrian street Hondori – a wonderland of shopping and dining. Don’t miss the local speciality okonomiyaki: a kind of omelette with noodles, cabbage, pork and a deeply savoury sauce - Japanese soul food!

Other attractions in Hiroshima
The reconstructed Hiroshima Castle is centrally located and provides good insight into the city's samurai history. From the top of the castle, you have a gorgeous view of the city. If you are interested in cars, make sure to plan a visit to the Mazda Museum. It is located just outside the city and requires a reservation in advance. The museum tour lets you see historic vehicles as well as the current factory assembly line. We warmly recommend that you take the time to visit Miyajima - a scenic island that is easily accessible. The island is famous for the beautiful UNESCO-protected Itsukushima Shrine, built on the seabed. On the website gethiroshima.com you will find lots of up-to-date information in English about current events in the area.

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