Paola Naomi Antonelli - Japanspecialist

Paola Naomi Antonelli

The price of this service is 25 EUR and fully reimbursable if you book your tour with us.

Paola Naomi Antonelli

Konnichiwa! My 11 years living in Tokyo – plus many more focusing on its immense culture - makes me the right consultant if you're looking to rediscover Japan. See it through a new lens with my insider tips about local life. Yoroshiku onegai shimasu!

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About me

I have been working for JTB/Japanspecialist for three years, after working for a long time in Japan. Entering the office was almost love at first sight: the official catalogue, the guides of Japan, the posters of Japan on the walls! So much of what I had seen in Japan and studied (I graduated in Japanese Language and Literature at Venice University) I felt I could share with the world.

My selling point is Tokyo, with its immense neighbourhoods, museums, and hidden corners. Still, I also know the Kamakura-Enoshima area well from having visited them since I was a child and the Kyoto area. I have been to Okinawa four times for pleasure and business and have travelled the country far and wide.

While on the one hand I recommend visiting the most iconic locations of Japan, I'd say don't forget to continue further. There's plenty of opportunities to explore the country's less-travelled destinations, visiting sacred sites, staying in a typical ryokan and fully enjoying the Japanese hospitality spirit of omotenashi. Also, participating, especially in the summer, in local festivals, is unforgettable. I could go on forever! Contact us for details!

What I love about Japan

  • Japanese cuisine
  • Religious places
  • Japanese history
  • Museums
  • Photography
  • Japanese music

What my customers are saying

I really appreciate your work, and you will always be my reference point for Japan! Thank you so much for everything!

Paola, Florence

The trip was very good, and I thank you so much! We have fallen in love with Japan!

Valerio, Bari

Paola is wonderful! Knowledgeable and a great personality, it was a pleasure planning my trip to Japan with you.

Claudia, Torino