Paola Naomi Antonelli - Japanspecialist

Paola Naomi Antonelli

The price of this service is EUR 50,- and fully reimbursable if you book your tour with us.

Paola Naomi Antonelli

Konnichiwa! My 11 years living in Tokyo – plus many more focusing on its immense culture - makes me the right consultant if you're looking to rediscover Japan. See it through a new lens with my insider tips about local life. Yoroshiku onegai shimasu!

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About me

I have been working for JTB/Japanspecialist for three years, after working for a long time in Japan. Entering the office was almost love at first sight: the official catalogue, the guides of Japan, the posters of Japan on the walls! So much of what I had seen in Japan and studied (I graduated in Japanese Language and Literature at Venice University) I felt I could share with the world.

My selling point is Tokyo, with its immense neighbourhoods, museums, and hidden corners. Still, I also know the Kamakura-Enoshima area well from having visited them since I was a child and the Kyoto area. I have been to Okinawa four times for pleasure and business and have travelled the country far and wide.

While on the one hand I recommend visiting the most iconic locations of Japan, I'd say don't forget to continue further. There's plenty of opportunities to explore the country's less-travelled destinations, visiting sacred sites, staying in a typical ryokan and fully enjoying the Japanese hospitality spirit of omotenashi. Also, participating, especially in the summer, in local festivals, is unforgettable. I could go on forever! Contact us for details!

What I love about Japan

  • Japanese cuisine
  • Religious places
  • Japanese history
  • Museums
  • Photography
  • Japanese music

What my customers are saying

I really appreciate your work, and you will always be my reference point for Japan! Thank you so much for everything!

Paola, Florence

The trip was very good, and I thank you so much! We have fallen in love with Japan!

Valerio, Bari

Paola is wonderful! Knowledgeable and a great personality, it was a pleasure planning my trip to Japan with you.

Claudia, Torino