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Ishigaki Island Vacation

5 Days, From EUR 1.099,-

  • Individual tour
  • 5 Days
  • Tokyo, Osaka, or Fukuoka
  • Ishigaki, Taketomi, Iriomote

Explore the natural beauty of Okinawa’s pristine islands.

While Japan is typically known for its thriving metropolises and traditional tea house scenes, you'll be excited to learn the country also boasts some of the most stunning tropical landscapes in all of Asia. In the southern reaches of Japan, you'll find Okinawa, a fascinating prefecture with unparalleled natural beauty, a unique culture, and untouched beauty.

Suggested itinerary

Today you will travel by plane from Tokyo, Osaka or Fukuoka to Ishigaki. The island of Ishigaki is part of the Yaeyama archipelago, the most southwestern part of Japan. Due to their location, these islands have an authentic tropical, relaxed and rural character unlike any other and are excellent places to enjoy some of the most pristine beaches and nature. On arrival you will pick up your car rental in the airport and drive to your hotel. Enjoy the sunset with a drink from the bar area before dinner.

After breakfast at the hotel, you can explore the beautiful nature of Ishigaki. Stroll along one of the beautiful bays on the island, walk under the palm trees and enjoy the view of the island and the sea. It's also nice to drive to the Miyara River and do a kayaking tour surrounded by mangroves. Kabira Bay is also nice to visit. Swimming is prohibited but it is such a beautiful scenic view. Afternoon you can enjoy snorkelling and exploring Ishigaki city's many restaurants.

Today you should take a day trip to Taketomi, the westernmost island of Japan. Drive to the harbour in Ishigaki and take the ferry, just 10 minutes. Here you can take a nice walk through the authentic village, where the houses have been preserved in traditional style, and enjoy the local restaurants and the white sand beaches. You might also rent a bicycle. Make sure to take your swimsuit with you and enjoy paddling in Kondoi or Kaiji beach.

If you want to explore further, we highly recommend this day to visit the prefecture's most adventurous island and national park, Iriomote.

The island can be reached by high-speed ferry from the harbour area and takes 35-40 minutes. This island is almost completely covered with dense jungle and lush mangrove forests. Take a boat up one of the larger rivers or by kayak further inland. Walk along the island's beautiful beaches and go hiking through the dense forests or diving and snorkelling through the beautiful coral reefs.

For the last dinner on Ishigaki, why not try the local beef, specially raised in Yaeyama district or one of the superb seafood restaurants.

Today it's time to leave Ishigaki. After driving to the airport and dropping off the car at the rental shop, you will travel by plane from Ishigaki back to Tokyo, Osaka or Fukuoka before going back to Europe.

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