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Relaxed metropolis with an international atmosphere.

About Yokohama
Yokohama is right next to Tokyo, only 30 minutes by train. It is Japan's second largest city and it has managed to maintain its very own atmosphere despite its colossal neighbour. Where Tokyo is busy, digital and hyper-Japanese, Yokohama has a more relaxed, old-fashioned and international style.

Japan's most stylish downtown
The port area is called Minato Mirai and is the city's downtown. The area has fascinating modern architecture as well as old red brick warehouses dating back to the early 1900s. At this time, the port was the centre of shipping and trade abroad, and the department stores are an example of the influence of Western architecture in the city. Since the 1990s, sea trade has moved away, and the trendy urban life has moved in. The architecture of the area is formidable, and Minato Mirai is probably Japan's chicest downtown. Here, modern skyscrapers stand side by side with the former storehouses that today contain restaurants, shopping centres and galleries. Visit Landmark Tower, Japan's second tallest building after the Tokyo Skytree. From the tower's Sky Garden Observatory there are great views both in daylight as well as in the neon lit night. On clear days you can see all the way to Tokyo and Mount Fuji, but the evening view, in particular, is a spectacular experience. There are many beautiful pedestrian streets both inside the city and by the water. A little south of the port area is Chukagai, Japan's largest Chinatown. A great place to eat exciting food and look at colourful temples and shops.

Other attractions in Yokohama
The Chinese influence makes Yokohama the unofficial noodle capital of Japan. In Minato Mirai is the Cup Noodles Museum, where you can learn everything the heart desires about this important Japanese invention. Near Shin-Yokohama Station is the Ramen Museum, where you can see how the noodles came to Japan from China. Here you can also eat ramen in an authentic version of a downtown noodle bar in Tokyo in 1958! In the southern part of the city is Sankeien, a large and beautiful classic Japanese garden that also has several historic buildings.

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