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Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route

Travel through the Japanese Alps.

About Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route
If you want to experience some of Japan's most beautiful scenery, you must travel the Alpine Route through the northern Japanese Alps, where Mount Tateyama is the highest at 3000 m.

The way through the mountains
The beautiful route through the mountains takes about one day. It is a good idea to get started bright and early, so you are one step ahead of the many day tourists from Tokyo. The route is a mix of bus, cable bus, funicular, cable car and walking, with many stops available along the way. Some of the most beautiful views are the Kurobe Dam and the summit of the Murodo Mountain - the highest point on the route (2450m). The route is not covered by the Japan Rail Pass, but by another regional passport that we will include in your trip. You spend a night on both sides of the mountains. Coming from Tokyo, you start in the Shinano-Omachi valley between Nagano and Matsumoto. The valley has lovely Japanese hotels with hot springs. At the end of the alpine, you spend the night on the west side of the mountains before the port of Toyama. Here are also good Japanese hotels with hot springs and beautiful mountain views. Remember to arrive at the hotel by 18:00 in order to enjoy the dinner that is often included in the stay. Coming from Kyoto or Takayama, you take the nights in reverse order.

Other attractions along the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route
In late spring and early summer, you can walk a few hundred meters along the beautiful "snow wall" as part of the route - a road with up to 18m high walls of snow on both sides.

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