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Harbour town with one of the country's most beautiful gardens.

About Takamatsu
Takamatsu is the largest city in Kagawa, Japan's smallest prefecture. About 400,000 people live in this city, located by the water on Japan's green island, Shikoku.

One of Japan's most beautiful gardens
The highlight is the Ritsurin-koen, one of Japan's most beautiful gardens. It was built by local samurai rulers back in the late 1600s. The garden has ponds, hills, old trees and beautiful pavilions. It is divided into Japanese style to the south and western style to the north. The garden also uses Mount Shiun on the horizon as a borrowed landscape. Inside the garden, there are various facilities including a small museum and shops. It is especially recommended to take a break and enjoy the view and a cup of tea in the Kikugetsu-Tei tea house. While in Kagawa, one must also taste the local speciality, Sanuki udon. Udon is Japanese wheat noodles and Sanuki is the old name for Kagawa. Takamatsu is full of Sanuki udon restaurants. The noodles are served in many different ways, but common to them all is that they are freshly prepared and have a delicious al dente consistency. They are cheap and taste fantastic.

Other attractions in Takamatsu
If you have the time, you can take the train to Kotohira (about 1 hour) and visit the Kompirasan shrine, which is located on a mountain and can only be reached by going up 1368 stone steps. The shrine is an important pilgrimage destination. If you are interested in art, you can visit the Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum (about 1 hour by train and foot). Please note that you must book your visit to the museum in advance. Takamatsu is also a perfect starting point to visit the art island of Naoshima, as well as the other art islands Teshima and Uwajima. Ferries sail frequently from Takamatsu.

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