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Sumo Wrestler Training and Lunch

Half day (4 hours), EUR 130,-

  • Excursion tour
  • Half day (4 hours)
  • Tokyo
  • Tokyo’s Ryogoku district, Sumo Museum, Chanko Nabe lunch

Experience a day in the life of a sumo wrestler.

Take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to dive into Japan's sumo culture! Venerated as quasi-gods, sumo wrestlers have a special status in Japanese society. This guided tour will take you to the heart of the Ryogoku district of Tokyo, where you'll visit the Sumo Museum, the temple of sumo and finish this morning with a meal of chanko nabe, the dish traditionally eaten by sumo wrestlers after their training.



Meet your guide at the Ryogoku View Hotel near the 1F entrance. Please arrive 10 minutes before the starting time and present your booking confirmation sheet to reception.


Here you'll have the opportunity to witness sumo wrestlers' in action. Training mainly consists of a relatively short series of fights, and it's as powerful as the real thing. 


After this first experience, your guide-interpreter will take you on a tour of the Sumo Museum at Kokugikan, home to 30,000 unique pieces of sumo memorabilia and artefacts.


After the museum, you'll have the opportunity to taste a chanko nabe. Sumo wrestlers commonly eat this stew, in large quantities, as part of their high-calorie diet. Chanko nabe is a delicious Japanese hot pot often made with chicken broth with sake or mirin, large amounts of protein, such as chicken breast, tofu, beef, and vegetables like daikon, Chinese cabbage, and shiitake mushrooms. The tour ends after the meal.


The tour finishes after lunch and you are free to continue your day.

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Length: Half day (4 hours)
Visiting places: Tokyo’s Ryogoku district, Sumo Museum, Chanko Nabe lunch
Departing from: Tokyo
Price: EUR 130,-

Important information
- The tour may be cancelled if the minimum number of participants (1) is not achieved 4 days before the scheduled start date.
- It is not possible to participate in training with the wrestlers.
- Attendees are asked not to talk to or shout at the wrestlers during their training sessions as to not distract them or risk injury. It is also forbidden to enter the ring.
- Spectators will be seated on a zabuton (cushion on the ground) - chairs are not available and it is not possible to stand.
- Your interpreter will not be able to explain things during the training.
- Photos are permitted during workouts but please turn of the flash and sounds. It is not allowed to record video.
- Children aged 11 and under are not permitted to participate in this excursion.
- In the event that the training session at the sumo club is cancelled, so will the excursion.
- Training end times can vary day to day, therefore the excursion timings are only estimated.
- When the museum is close, the excursion will take place at Ryogoku Edo Noren, a shopping and dining complex with a full-size sumo ring. 
What’s included
- English-speaking government-approved guide and interpreter
- Admission fees
- Lunch 
What isn’t included
- Drinks
- Additional orders during lunch

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