Quentin Gontard - Japanspecialist

Quentin Gontard

The price of this service is EUR 50,- and fully reimbursable if you book your tour with us.

Quentin Gontard

Konnichiwa. You want to discover Japan and need some advices? I’d be glad to answer the questions you have about Japan, a country where I studied and worked and which I’m passionate about.

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  • Japanese

About me

It’s been 3 years I’m working for JTB Japan Specialist in France, 3 years I’m sharing my love of Japan, which I’m passionate about for more than 20 years. Passion which drove me to study Literature, History, Civilisation and Japanese language.

After living a few years in Kofu, Tokyo or Kyoto, I wanted to help travelers who want to discover Japan, thanks to my knowledge.

Whether you are looking for places dedicated to new technologies, mangas, pop-culture, or even more traditional Japan with it’s temples, shrines or castles, don’t hesitate to contact me.

My personal advice ? Try some nights in a Ryokan (traditional hotel) or in a Shukubo (Temple stay)

Let’s talk about our common passion soon.

What I love about Japan

  • Architecture
  • Culture
  • Gastronomy
  • History

What my customers are saying

Their advices were precious. We discovered places like Koyasan, a jewel surrounded by forests.

Jean-Michel, Paris

Thanks to Quentin and JapanSpecialist, I went to Ghibli Museum, and discovered Tokyo with a new eye. I’m looking forward to go back.

Julien, Lyon

It wasn’t the first time we went to Japan, but this time, we discovered Japanese Alps and Kanazawa. We felt in love.

Gilles, Toulouse