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Okinawa Island Vacation

5 Days, From EUR 769,-

  • Individual tour
  • 5 Days
  • All major Japanese cities
  • Naha, Tokashiki

Spend some time in Japan’s tropical paradise.

Complete your Japan adventure with a five-day island vacation in Okinawa. You'll spend the nights surrounded by lush, unspoiled nature and only a few hundred locals. Experience the most beautiful beaches far away from the big resorts and tourists. Take the chance and experience a different Japan: take a relaxing day in the sun, or try the countless water activities. You decide for yourself.

Our package includes round trip flights from big cities like Tokyo or Osaka, a ferry to Tokashiki, an overnight stay in Okinawa's dynamic capital Naha and three nights at a beach hotel with half board in idyllic Tokashiki. If you want to do more than just enjoy the sea, there are plenty of opportunities to add activities and excursions. Explore a world of tropical beauty.

Suggested itinerary

Day 1

You start from one of Japan's major cities and fly to Naha, Okinawa's largest city. You go on your own to your central hotel in Naha, where you have an overnight stay. Take a walk down the colourful shopping street Kokusaidori in the evening and experience an atmosphere completely different from Japan's mainland. Visit an izakaya (Japanese pub) in the evening and try lots of delicious local snacks and excellent drinks.

After breakfast at the hotel, take the ferry to the small island of Tokashiki. The crossing takes approximately 45 minutes. When you arrive, there will be a small transfer bus that takes you to the hotel.

This island has a fantastic landscape with green hills, dazzling white beaches and turquoise sea, and if you come outside the Japanese season, you can have it almost to yourself! You will stay in a cosy hotel located right on the beautiful Tokashiku beach.

After breakfast and good night’s sleep, you can relax and enjoy the beach. Tokashiki's beaches have beautiful coral reefs and are the perfect setting for a snorkelling trip where you can meet exotic fish and giant sea turtles. In the evening, you can enjoy the view of the beach from the balcony of your room - perhaps with a drink or snack from the hotel kiosk? The hotel provides morning and evening meals. You have three nights here, so there is time to explore this remote paradise.

Today we suggest you explore more of the small island. Start by hiking to the nearby Teruyama Observatory, where you will have a nice view of the landscape. From here, you can walk further to the small village Aharen where you could enjoy a light lunch before heading back to the hotel for an afternoon swim.

After four nights in this tropical paradise, it's time to return home. After breakfast, take the ferry back to Okinawa mainland. Here you can choose to spend time in one of the many luxury resorts north of the main island, or perhaps visit the magnificent Churaumi Aquarium before flying back to one of the larger Japanese cities.

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