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Okayama's Coastline

The Seto Inland Sea has some of mainland Japan's most beautiful beaches.

About Okayama's coastline
The beaches to the south of the metropolis Okayama are located by the tranquil Seto Inland Sea. These beaches are some of the most beautiful in Japan. Because it is an inland sea, the water is calm and unlike in the Pacific, there are no big fish here. The area is easiest to get to by car - of course, we can assist with the car rental.

Bathing, relaxation and spa
If you stay here, it is usually at a beach resort with beautiful views from the rooms. The hotels usually have a swimming pool, a spa with water from natural hot springs, a bar and a restaurant with both Japanese and Western food, and freshly caught fish. One should not expect bungalows or small boutique hotels as found in Southeast Asia, but rather a more spartan Japanese version. Japan does not have a dominant beach culture, so you have to set your expectations for facilities and conditions. The beach invites you to relax, enjoy a nice run and swim in the warm sea. In Japan, the summer is warm, and it almost never rains, so enjoy the sun here. The beach in Okayama is fine and with calm water. During the summer season, there is the possibility of renting beach chairs/parasols and there is a selection of water activities. The water is not the clearest but is among the best in Japan - unless you fly 2 hours south to Okinawa!

Other attractions around Okayama’s Coastline
If you want cultural experiences, the possibilities are many by car. You can drive to the traditional city of Kurashiki, which is like travelling back in time, or to Okayama town, which has one of Japan's most beautiful gardens, Korakuen. Both are less than 45 minutes’ drive. If you are on the road for a little longer, you can visit the city of Himeji with the impressive Himeji Castle known from the TV series Shogun (about 2 hours by car) or the exciting artistic island of Naoshima (about 1 hour by car and ferry).

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