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Narita Airport

Japan's largest international airport

About Narita Airport
Narita Airport is Tokyo's international airport. Being one of the most densely populated cities in the world, Tokyo’s airport is actually located in Chiba Prefecture – approximately two hours from Tokyo city center by bus or train. The hotels at Narita Airport generally have good facilities and large, well-kept rooms. Most hotels have a dedicated airport shuttle bus and easy access to a station.

Get a last glimpse of Japan in quaint Narita town
If you have some time left over at the end of your trip, it is worth spending a day in Narita town itself. Simply take the train to JR Narita Station or Keisei Narita Station. Here you’ll find the cosy Omotesando Street, which leads to Narita's famous Naritasan Shinshoji Temple (about a 20-minute walk). Both the street and the temple are well worth a visit. Omotesando Street has a history strecthing back over 300 years and exudes an atmosphere of ancient Japan with taverns, restaurants and shops stocking traditional crafts. If you have time for a meal, try eel – the local delicacy. The temple itself dates back to 940 AD and is surrounded by several historic temple buildings as well as a pleasant park built in both Japanese and Western style.

Other attractions at Narita Airport
Even closer to the airport is the shopping mall Aeon Mall Narita. Open until 22:00, the complex had over 150 different shops, including a Sanrio store that sells all kinds of Hello Kitty items, as well as a movie theater and many restaurants serving food at reasonable prices.

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