Nancy Menheere-Tjoa - Japanspecialist

Nancy Menheere-Tjoa

I feel like travelling is in my blood. Travelling and being involved with it is like breathing to me. I love being able to use my acquired knowledge and experience to put together unique trips to Japan.

I like to map out and work with my clients to create the perfect trip. I prepare the travel documents with a lot of love and experience the anticipation of the journey together with you. I am also there for you during the journey and afterwards to look forward to hearing about your beautiful journey; this is what I enjoy the most.

I am lucky that I am doing the most beautiful things in life, and am ready to make your most wonderful Japan travel dreams come true!

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About me

I was born and raised travelling. As a small child, I regularly travelled to the Far East with my parents; therefore, it was not surprising that I later chose to work in tourism and study at the Breda University of applied sciences.

After gaining experience in advising, purchasing, compiling and arranging travel for more than 20 years at various specialist travel organisations (including Asia specialists), I started at JTB three years ago. Recently I have mainly been involved in improvement processes in the operations department, focusing on matters such as the quality of travel documents, after-sales and group travel. Meanwhile, I have further developed my knowledge and have become more and more of a 'Japan specialist.'

I want to let everyone know about the fantastic contrasts of Japan. The organised chaos of a unique culture, impressive landscapes and age-old traditions. From the tranquil Japanese gardens to the light fast shinkansen bullet trains racing by, the many top restaurants, and the delicious simplicity of staple Japanese cuisine. It's all about balance.

The best part of travelling to Japan is that you feel like you are entering a completely different world when you arrive, but it's a place where you also immediately feel very at home. I can recommend a trip to Japan to everyone; It guarantees a trip consisting of only highlights!

I am also happy to help you with advice for stopovers in Dubai, Singapore or Hong Kong or a (beach) extension in Thailand, Indonesia (Bali) and the Maldives. Destinations that I have also visited and love!

Feel free to contact me to put together your dream trip to Japan with all my enthusiasm, experience and knowledge. I believe in personal customisation and am used to providing the best service and customer focus to and share with you my passion and love for Japan!

What I love about Japan

  • Gastronomy
  • Japanese cuisine
  • Big cities
  • Shopping
  • Japanese shows and entertainment

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