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The epitome of a modern metropolis.

About Nagoya
Halfway between Tokyo and Osaka lies Japan's fourth-largest city. Nagoya has over 2 million residents, is Toyota's hometown and has a great downtown area. It is not as cultural a city like Tokyo or Kyoto, but if you have a few days, there is plenty to see here.

Futuristic architecture and ancient samurai history
Perhaps the most attractive experience is the city itself. Viewed from the outside, the area at Nagoya Station looks like something from a science fiction film, and an evening walk through the nearby entertainment district of Sakae is completely incomparable. Here are neon-lit high-rise buildings, Ferris wheels and karaoke bars galore - and of course plenty of good restaurants and bars. There are also many shopping opportunities, and the city has delicious food. Try the miso-katsu speciality, a breaded pork cutlet served with a sauce made with red miso. If you are interested in history, you should visit the castle in the north-eastern part of the city. The castle is a reconstruction, but its impressive size still testifies to the power of the local branch of the Tokugawa Dynasty during the samurai period. Also visit the nearby Tokugawa Art Museum, with a fine Japanese-style garden. Here you can see some of the many treasures that belonged to the local samurai chief's family, one of the richest in the country. Finally, every July, the city has a big sumo tournament. Sumo is an entertaining sport to watch, and we can help you with tickets (can only be purchased as part of a trip with us).

Other attractions in Nagoya
A good excursion is to the city of Toyota (one hour by train) and the car museum Toyota Kaikan Museum, where you can see the latest models. From here you can also take a tour of the nearby Toyota factory. The tours run Mon-Fri (except holidays) at 10:30 and are in English. It is free to join, but you have to book a time on their website and it can be difficult as they are very popular. Another good visit is Legoland, about 45 minutes south of Nagoya. Seeing Japan’s most famous sights built in Lego is an experience indeed. Next to Legoland is the Nagoya Railway Museum, where you can see how Japan's proud train system has evolved over the years.

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