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About Matsumoto
The idyllic Matsumoto is located just three hours by train from Tokyo, right at the centre of the majestic Japanese Alps. It's a picturesque, secluded mountain town with its very own unique atmosphere.

A strikingly beautiful castle and quaint old streets
Matsumoto has a well-preserved city center and a fantastic castle, Matsumoto Castle, famous throughout Japan. It is one of the few remaining in Japan that has survived earthquakes and wars, standing today as it did when it was built 400 years ago. It is a strikingly beautiful sight with its unique black colour and is rightly protected as an important national treasure. On the grounds of the castle is a Folklore Museum where you can learn about the area's geography, nature, history, tools and crafts. A short walk from the castle lies Nakamichi Street, a central street that used to be a commercial district. Many old buildings from that time are beautifully preserved here and today house small shops, restaurants and guest houses. The Ukiyoe Museum is also worth a visit. Here you will find a large collection of the famous Japanese woodblock prints, moving in their empathetic and colourful execution.

Other attractions in Matsumoto
In the surrounding area you will find several smaller towns famous for their hot, volcanic spring baths. Here are cosy little guesthouses where you can relax with a hot bath and then enjoy a delicious meal. Outside the city you will find Daio Wasabi Farm. Wasabi is the famous Japanese green horseradish, used in sushi and beloved in Japan. This is the place to go to taste all kinds of wasabi, including wasabi ice cream if you’re feeling brave enough.

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