Mariagabriella Vanzo - Japanspecialist

Mariagabriella Vanzo, Italian speaking Japanspecialist consultant

The price of this service is 25 EUR and fully reimbursable if you book your tour with us.

Mariagabriella Vanzo

Is Japan your dream destination? With more than 25 years of experience as a professional travel consultant, I'm ready to share with you my love and knowledge for this enchanting land. Whatever your budget or travel expectations, come on board - it's time to visit Japan.

  • English
  • Italian
  • Japanese

About me

The very first time I met “Japan” I was just a teenager.

During a study trip in Europe, I was assigned a room to share with a quite traditionally educated Japanese young lady.

The lightweight cotton fabric kimono in the summer, the altar of the ancestors diligently arranged near the writing desk, the soft rustle of the pure white tabi, the incessant bowing down when talking on the phone, the meditation hour, the thousands of incense scented pouches, the Princess-of-the Moon-like hushed tones and grace, the alluring pictures of enchanted places and figures…

How could I have stopped dreaming to plunge one day personally in all these wonders?

Finally, a couple of years before graduation (it goes without saying that I achieved my Master Degree in Japanese Language and Literature) I landed for my first but not least time in Tokyo. It was on 7 January 1989, the day of the death of Emperor Hirohito. It was an end and a beginning.

To me, that meant the start of a 6 years long full immersion in the urban, natural and human landscapes of this mystic Land, followed by many further journeys, to re-discovery and widen the not only geographically known boundaries, as the bond with Japan could not be broken.

Forever charmed by the Floating World, here I am: waiting for you, to share every piece of information and technical tip you may need to plan and enjoy a really satisfying and unique travel experience.

Whether you are particularly interested in some specific aspect or you are generically curious, whether you are looking for low budget services or you are planning a journey in the sign of luxury, whether you are a manga and trekking enthusiastic bunch of friends or a high-tech gadgets and theme parks crazy family group, whether a honeymoon couple or a zen meditation addicted single, I am at your complete disposal to assist you as much as you prefer in your perfect journey planning.

Are you ready to jump in the Japanese Universe?

What I love about Japan

  • Nature
  • Japanese gardens
  • Culture
  • Japanese traditions

What my customers are saying

Dear Mrs. Gabriella, we are glad to inform you that our journey is going in the best way, and we would like to express our deepest satisfaction for your suggested itinerary. Japan fascinated us with cherry blossoms, not to mention the ryokan stay. We thank you again, and greet you cordially.

Alberta e Rosa

Good morning and Happy New Year, Gabriella! I just want to thank you for your time and your good assistance in our trip planning, everything went really great. We will certainly recommend your travel agency to our friends and acquaintances. Hearing us talking over and over again about Japan, they finally got curious and quite ready to set out in turn. For our side, we are looking forward to go for a new journey as soon as we would get the chance: there is so much more to see, Japan is really a very “rich” country. Thank you again and see you soon!


Hello Maria Gabriella. I would like to thank you and your colleagues for the perfect organization, and for the excellent job in planning my vacation trip. Everything worked smoothly, and thanks to your introduction I easily reached many remote places, where even locals were surprised to see me. Thank you again, and…I really hope to contact you again soon for the planning of my next Japan trip ;)