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Kure’s Coastline

The Seto Inland Sea has some of Japan's most beautiful beaches

About Kure's coastline
South of the big city of Hiroshima, on the southern part of the main island of Honshu, there are many small islands in the peaceful Seto Inland Sea. These islands have some of the most beautiful beaches in Japan. Because it is an inland sea, the water is calm and there are none of the big fish found in the Pacific.

Bathing, relaxation and spa
The area can be visited as a day trip from Hiroshima by rental car, but accommodation is recommended. Usually you spend the night in a simple beach hotel on one of the small islands in the Inland Sea with beautiful views from the rooms. The islands are connected to the mainland via bridges, making it easy to get back and forth. Most accommodations have a restaurant, spas with water from naturally hot springs, and are located on a beautiful beach. The beach invites you to relax, enjoy a nice run and swim in the warm sea during the summer months.

Other attractions around Kure's coastline
If you want cultural experiences, the possibilities are many if you rent a car. In less than 45 minutes, you can drive to the city of Kure, which was very important to the Japanese Navy during World War II and remains a hub for Japan's self-defence forces. There are two museums right next to each other that tell of Japan's military history. One, JMSDF Kure Museum, tells of Japan after the war. Admission is free, signs in English are good, and you can go inside the real submarine that is in front of the museum. The second, the Yamato Museum, tells of Japan during World War II, and here you can see Japanese warships and kamikaze planes. However, there is limited signage in English. Another option is to take a beautiful drive along the many small islands in the Inland Sea. Here are many nice villages where you can go for beautiful walks and eat a delicious meal with freshly caught local fish.

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