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Old-fashioned trading town with a quaint canal area.

About Kurashiki
Kurashiki is one of Japan's most attractive towns. Located near Okayama in the southern part of the main island of Honshu, this used to be an important trading town from which rice was distributed. In fact, the name means "storehouse town", and there are many well-preserved storehouses, which today are converted into museums, shops and cafes.

Pretty canal, old-world atmosphere and beautiful buildings
The main attraction is the well-preserved area around the town's canal. The canal was originally constructed so that goods could be transported between the storehouses and the nearby port. Today, part of this is preserved in the Bikan Historical Quarter, where the canal and the many beautiful storehouses provide an atmosphere of the old days. Take a slow stroll in the area that is best experienced on foot. Parallel to the canal you will find the town's attractive pedestrian zone with historic houses. This area is a little more peaceful and offers plenty of opportunities to buy local products.

Other attractions in Kurashiki
We recommend a visit to the Ohara Museum, probably the city's most impressive museum. It is Japan’s oldest museum of Western art and has a nice collection of the great masters, including Picasso and Gauguin, and some lovely gardens. The Ohara Museum is located at the northern end of the canal area. Not far from there is Ohashi House, a well-preserved mansion that once belonged to the Ohashi clan, the city's premier trading family.

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