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Fantastic nature and hot springs.

About Kirishima
Far down in the southern part of Kyushu is Kirishima, famous for its stunning scenery full of volcanoes and its many hot springs. The easiest way to get around the area is by car, and of course, we can help with car rental.

Hiking and relaxation on the wilderness trail
Kirishima's breathtakingly beautiful landscapes are best experienced on foot. Visit the Kirishima Geopark or the Ebinokogen Highlands. Here are hiking trails for all levels of difficulty - from relaxed walking to actual mountain climbing. Drop by the local Visitors' Centre to get an updated hiking map. The scenery is varied and incredibly beautiful here with mountains covered in moss and trees, lush wetlands and shiny lakes. Another great experience is staying at a ryokan, a traditional Japanese inn, and indulging in being pampered the Japanese way. Staying in the midst of beautiful, constantly-changing scenery, inviting you to relax and rest. Taking long baths in steaming hot volcanic spring water full of healthy minerals. And in the evening, eating a traditional kaiseki dinner consisting of countless small dishes made from the finest ingredients of the season, all of which are little works of art.

Other attractions in Kirishima
The mountains in the area play an important role in the Japanese creation mythology. This is the place where the god Ninigi no Mikoto is said to have descended from the heavens to rule the world. Kirishima Shrine is dedicated to this god and has existed for some 500 years, the current structure dating back to 1715. The shrine consists of large, beautiful buildings in the middle of a forest and has been officially designated as an important cultural asset.

NOTE: This is an area of active volcanoes, and this may mean that, from time to time, hiking trails or roads are blocked if there is too much smoke or gas in the air. We ask for your understanding regarding this.

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