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Kerama Islands

Unplug and unwind in western Okinawa’s slice of paradise.

About the Kerama Islands
The Kerama Islands are a group of small, scenic islands located some 40 km west of Okinawa main island. Their beautiful white sandy beaches and clear blue waters make them a great destination for a relaxing break. In 2014, the Kerama Islands was designated as a national park. It consists of 36 islands, of which only four are inhabited. 

Aka, Tokashiki and Zamami Islads
You will usually stay on one of these three islands. Tokashiki, the largest of the islands, only has about 700 residents. Zamami is the second-largest and has around 900 residents and Aka Island is less than 4 square km, peaceful and paradise-like with only 340 residents. Common to all the islands is the beautiful unspoilt scenery. This really is the hidden, undiscovered Japan, and only a few tourists make it here. The dazzling white beaches and the crystal blue sea are attraction number one. The long stretches of white and blue invite you to lounge, swim, or explore the beautiful coral reefs as well as exotic fish and large sea turtles. 

Other attractions on the Kerama Islands
Other possibilities include snorkelling, diving, canoeing, renting a bike or sailing to some of the uninhabited islands. From January to March, you can even go whale-watching here.

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