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Relaxation and wellness on the stunning Pacific coast.

About Izu-Kogen
Izu-Kogen is only two hours from Tokyo, nestled in a gorgeous landscape with Mount Fuji to one side and the Pacific Ocean to the other. The area boasts idyllic views, hot springs and almost no tourists. The perfect place to unwind and recharge.

Unique landscapes and hot spring relaxation
The area around Izu-Kogen has its own unique beauty which cannot be compared to other places in Japan. The absolute highlight is the Jogasaki coastline, the result of a volcanic eruption over 7,000 years ago. Dark grey cliffs made from solidified lava form a stunning contrast against the crystal blue sea. Walking in the area is easy, and since you have the Pacific Ocean to one side and the mountains to the other, it is virtually impossible to get lost. The area remains unspoilt and doesn’t have many buildings. If you have the time, there are also fantastic walking routes through the forest. One of the highlights of Izu-Kogen is experiencing an overnight stay in one of the authentic small ‘ryokan’ - family-owned guesthouses with hot spring baths, beautiful Japanese rooms and luxurious meals.

Other attractions in Izu-Kogen
In the small village of Izu-Kogen, there are local shops, cafes, restaurants and museums. The Ohmuro Mountain is the old volcano whose eruption shaped the coastline, and you can see the old crater by going on a short cable car ride. From the top, there are stunning views of the mountains including, on clear days, Mount Fuji, as well as of the small islands scattered along the coast. In the summer, you can go kayaking in the Pacific Ocean or hike the nearby highlands. Another possibility is to take the train further south to the beach town of Shimoda, a place full of charm and local temples, located next to one of Japan's most beautiful beaches.

NOTE: If you’re travelling with the Japan Rail Pass, there will be a supplemental fee for the train ride to/from Izu-Kogen of approx. 700 - 1200 yen.

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