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Bjarke Hojland

As a former tour leader, I know how much Japan has to offer in all aspects and what my clients want. Ask me anything, and I will help you through your journey to Japan.

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About me

I joined Japanspecialist in 2014 but have more than 20 years of experience in the travel industry. I specialise in Far East travel and have sold individual tours for singles, couples and families to China, Korea and Japan.

I lived for a while in Kyoto, where I worked as a tour leader. I still have a special love for this particular city with the well-preserved buildings and memories of their ancient culture and history, which I am very interested in. At the same time, I know there's so much beautiful nature on the outskirts of the city, like Mount Hiei, located on Lake Biwa, where you can simply enjoy the peace between the temples.

I enjoy talking to our customers to ensure their next trip is rich and full of experiences in culture, history and nature, with a few of my own local insights thrown in.

What I love about Japan

  • Kyoto
  • Izu-kogen
  • Takayama
  • Nara
  • Koya-san
  • Mount aso
  • Tokyo

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