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Japan's hot spring mecca.

About Beppu
Located on the northeast coast of Kyushu, Beppu is one of Japan's most popular hot spring towns. The city has approx. 120,000 inhabitants and it is considered almost an amusement park for hot spring bathing in all shapes and sizes. You can easily get to the city from Fukuoka - it takes about two hours from Hakata Station by express train.

Hot springs in every possible way
Japan is full of hot spring baths, as the country has many volcanoes. Nonetheless, Beppu is something special. First, the area has more hot spring water than anywhere else in Japan. And secondly, there are so many different kinds of baths available here that the thought alone is enough to make you sweaty before you even jump in the steaming waters! You can try sand baths, steam baths, mud baths and of course lots of 'onsen' - the Japanese word for classic hot springs baths. To complete the experience, we recommend staying at a ryokan, a Japanese hotel with hot springs, where, in addition to the lovely baths, you also get delicious food and relaxed accommodation.

Other landmarks in Beppu
The area offers the so-called “seven hells”. These are seven hot springs that are fascinating to look at, but which you should NOT bathe in - they are scalding hot! The seven "baths" have different shapes - one is full of hot mud, another has blood-red water and a third has crocodiles! Not far from Beppu lies the famous Mount Aso, Japan's largest active volcano and one of the largest in the world. Approx 10km away lays another nice visit is to the small spa town of Yufuin. A very charming town centre with many nice shops and cafes, and is surrounded by mountains, rice fields and beautiful Lake Kinriko. Yufuin is a lovely city to wander around in for a day.

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